This is the archive of version one, made in 2006, launched in 2007, and active until 2012. It’s archived to preserve the original design and its content that was referenced in multiple posts, books and galleries. There’s a holding page before the new site arrives.

Jon Tangerine.

Pith & pulp — not an image, but perhaps a reversion to type.

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Hello, I’m Jon Tan, a designer, typographer and co-founder of Fontdeck. I run and work from Mild Bunch HQ in Bristol, UK.

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Lately in the Log

  1. Anakin Tue, 26th Jun 2012 {4}

    I’m pleased to be able to say that Analog is joining forces with Fictive Kin! We already work together on Brooklyn Beta…

  2. We, Who Are Web Designers Mon, 19th Sep 2011 {66}

    In 2003, my wife Lowri and I went to a christening party. We were friends of the hosts but we knew almost no-one else…

  3. Ampersand, the Aftermath Wed, 22nd Jun 2011 {3}

    The first Ampersand web typography conference took place in Brighton last Friday. Ampersand was ace. I’m going to say…

  4. Design Festival, The Setup, and Upcoming Posts Mon, 20th Jun 2011 {0}

    Wow, this has been a busy period. I’m just back from the Ampersand web typography conference in Brighton, and having a…

  5. Web Design as Narrative Architecture Wed, 30th Mar 2011 {12}

    Stories are everywhere. When they don’t exist we make up the narrative — we join the dots. We make…

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Conferences and Talks

  1. Ready to Inspire

    The Magic Behind Type. 1012 Jun 2014 in Leiden, The Netherlands..

  2. WXG

    (TBD). 24 Sep 2014 at G Live, Guildford, UK..

  3. An Event Apart, Disney World (Special Edition)

    The Magic Behind Type. 2729 Oct 2014 at Disney’s Contemporary Resort, Orlando, Florida, USA..

  4. An Event Apart, San Diego

    Big Type, Little Type. 1822 May 2013 at Marriot Marguis and Marina, San Diego, USA.

  5. An Event Apart, Atlanta

    Big Type, Little Type. 1820 Feb 2013 at InterContinental, Atlanta, USA.

  6. New Adventures in Web Design

    Big Type, Little Type. 2325 Jan 2013 at The Albert Hall, Nottingham, UK.

  7. An Event Apart, San Francisco

    Big Type, Little Type. 1214 Nov 2012 at The Palace Hotel, San Francisco, USA.

Featured from the Log

  1. Quotation Marks & Texture — {21}

    A quick discourse on single versus double quotations marks (or inverted commas for us prosiac Brits) and typographic texture.

  2. The Paragraph in Web Typography & Design — {38}

    The many styles of the humble paragraph from pre-history to the Web, with practical examples using CSS.

  3. The Incredible Em & Elastic Layouts with CSS — {79}

    What is an “em”? Using ems to create an elastic layout with scalable images. Also in Italiano, Deutsch, Español & Russian.

  4. What Future for Web Typography & Screen Fonts?{12}

    The status of the core web fonts and the font-face property with a few thoughts on making quality faces ubiquitous.

  5. Smoothing out the Creases in Web Fonts — {19}

    Exploring optimal anti-aliasing for core Web fonts and the rendering engines that make it all possible.

Remarks from the Log

  1. By pixelangry in We, Who Are Web Designers:

    Unfortunately, here in Italy, the figure of the web designer is seen as a figure who plays a nerd on the computer,…

  2. By George in Copywriting, Experience Design, Daleks & Julio:


  3. By Martins in Typeface != Font:

    Great post Jon, I stumbled across it by chance on Google..!!

  4. By DarkStar in Smoothing out the Creases in Web Fonts:

    I agree with Leicester that table is great!

  5. By Martin Varesio in Ampersand, the Aftermath:

    His dry, droll, richly-flavoured delivery was a humorous counterpoint to some controversial asides…

  6. By Steve Blakeborough in Display Type & the Raster Wars:

    Hi Jon, In Elliot’s recent and informative article he suggested you might be bullied…

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