This is the archive of version one, made in 2006, launched in 2007, and active until 2012. It’s archived to preserve the original design and its content that was referenced in multiple posts, books and galleries. There’s a holding page before the new site arrives.


A repository of excerpts, examinations and experiments, iterated arbitrarily in keeping with the diabolical alliteration of this sentence. Some refer to log entries, which they support. Others stand alone in glorious solitude.

  1. Typography

    1. Font naming conventions
    2. Ligatures test suite
    3. Rendering test for display sizes
    4. @font-face test with Fontin Regular by Jos Buivenga
    5. 12 examples of paragraph typography
    6. Core web fonts test suite
    7. Spaces test suite
  2. CSS

    1. Complex type rendering test
    2. Elastic layout example
    3. Pixels to ems conversion table for CSS
  3. HTML

    1. HTML <button> test
    2. Placeholder markup with lorem ipsum
  4. Microformats

    1. Plain old semantic HTML badge
  5. PHP

    1. Discovering PHP versions and modules with phpinfo()
  6. Created Elsewhere

    1. Free WiFi Places in Bristol (Google Map)
Type tree with words forming the branches.

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Remarks from the log

  1. By pixelangry in We, Who Are Web Designers:

    Unfortunately, here in Italy, the figure of the web designer is seen as a figure who plays a nerd on the computer,…

  2. By George in Copywriting, Experience Design, Daleks & Julio:


  3. By Martins in Typeface != Font:

    Great post Jon, I stumbled across it by chance on Google..!!

  4. By DarkStar in Smoothing out the Creases in Web Fonts:

    I agree with Leicester that table is great!

  5. By Martin Varesio in Ampersand, the Aftermath:

    His dry, droll, richly-flavoured delivery was a humorous counterpoint to some controversial asides…

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    Hi Jon, In Elliot’s recent and informative article he suggested you might be bullied…

Live the questions and one day grow into the answers.