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  1. The Awakening by 4Hero feat. Ursula Rucker

    Great production (as always) characterises The Awakening by 4hero. It features acclaimed poet, Ursula Rucker who wraps her raw insights into smoothly powerful lyrics that mimic a conversation between mother and daughter. Thankfully for me, 4Hero continue the poetic, almost orchestral sound created on other tracks such as Twelve Tribes from the Creating Patterns album — the beats are still warm, driven and complex but the sound is more organic, even if the label says, “electronic”.

    The animation is by Judd Brett. He does a superb job of syncopating the video with the aesthetic of, and throws in a few bits of caption typography too. Thanks, Judd!

    The Awakening is taken from the recent Album Play With The Changes which you can get in MP3 format via Tune Tribe or the proverbial iTunes.