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  1. Days like these

    Cartoon of a man carrying a ridiculously large box.

    Ever have days like these? (It’s the multi-tasking that does it. What you don’t see is the cats fighting in the box.)

    Sometimes, I think we’re really not all that efficient, no matter how we’ve been conditioned. After all, real efficiency would be working 4 hours a day to feed, cloth and secure ourselves, and then spending the rest of the day laughing in the sun with the kids. Instead, we work 8, 9 or 10 hours a day, and then buy an iPhone.


  2. Strawman Argument

    Stickman: Your argument is flawed. Strawman: Why? Stickman: It’s a strawman. Strawman: ?!

    I couldn’t resist after reading Chris’ (useful) post on logic, and seeing this accusation used frequently on pedantic mailing lists. Forgive the pun and levity but what’s life without a little teasing now and again? :)