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  1. Anakin

    I’m pleased to be able to say that Analog is joining forces with Fictive Kin! We already work together on Brooklyn Beta and other projects. We share the same ethics and ambitions. We have fun together. We’re good friends, and often old friends, too. They asked, we said yes. We had a beer. That’s pretty much how it went.

    The Analog adventure that started in 2009 continues, just bigger, and hopefully better, with more fun, inspiration, and collaboration. I like to think of it like assembling Dai-X from Star Fleet but Voltron may serve if that’s more familiar to you.

    It think Cameron came up with the word ‘Anakin’ from our two brands in 2010. It’s been used by us ever since whenever we get together to work or celebrate. It made me smile at the time, and even more so now, just like the echoes of the Analog identity in the lovely new Fictive Kin logo.

    Fictive Kin logotype

    If you fancy keeping an eye on what we’re up to, follow @fictivekin. There’s more on the Fictive Kin blog, and in a post by Chris. Thanks for reading. Onwards!