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Elastic to… Russian Elastic

Illustration of a man standing by an anvil.

It’s been a Russian-flavoured week so far. First came a bit of grappling with the dire unicode support in Fireworks CS3 for Andrei’s Russian-themed twitter background. More on internationalisation — or i18n for the cool kids  —  later. Suffice to say, for a bazillion pounds a license Adobe could get it right, and the core web fonts that don’t have Cyrillic glyphs are suboptimal when I’m trying to post Russian.

However, the real purpose of this rambling post is to announce that the em and elastic layout article has been kindly translated to Russian! My thanks go to the volunteer efforts of Nickolas Loiko of CSSMake. Thanks Nickolas!

Next up, I’m expecting a visit from Putin to discuss Georgia with me by accident. I will, of course, redirect him to Ben Ramsey, who’s Georgian all over, or so goats have led me to believe. Just to show how anything can be made into a happy co-incidence, Georgia visited the Welsh last night and won 2–1.

Any more from me and the confusion will get ridiculous. Therefore, I’ll be going now.


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  1. 1. By inspirationbit on 21st Aug ’08 at 14:08pm

    oh, I’m very glad someone finally translated your Elastic article. Unfortunately I couldn’t find time to get to it :(

    Kudos to Nickolas, he did an amazing job with the translation.

    Great job on Andrei’s Twitter image. I was wondering why were you cursing Adobe’s support of Cyrillic on Twitter lately ;)

  2. Jon 陳’s profile 2. By Jon 陳 on 21st Aug ’08 at 14:21pm

    Thanks Vivien. :) If you ever workaround Adobe’s atrocious support for Cyrillic, make sure you let me know!

  3. 3. By yaroslavpat on 16th Sep ’08 at 10:49am

    Hello, I’m russian, my name is Yaroslav.

    I love typography. I’ve read your article about Em, it’s very good, but the translation quality doesn’t match withe the original. Nikolas seems to be illiterate in russian typography and it’s rules and traditions.

    Such translation kills the great article, which you’ve wrote.

    I prefer original english variant.

    Thank you.

  4. Jon 陳’s profile 4. By Jon 陳 on 17th Sep ’08 at 05:08am

    Hi Yaroslav. Thanks for your comment. I don’t read Russian, so I’m not able to check the translation for myself. I’d be interested in hearing a little more detail: Is the translation inaccurate, and where?

  5. 5. By yaroslavpat on 17th Sep ’08 at 05:48am

    Nikolas seems to be illiterate in russian typography and it’s rules and traditions. The apperance of the article is very bad to. The translator haven’t saved the original design, but he tried.

    The typography is terrible, styles are terrible too.

    The hole translation is rather accurate, but it’s not artistic, without deep analysis of the text. It’s bad.

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