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Days like these

Cartoon of a man carrying a ridiculously large box.

Ever have days like these? (It’s the multi-tasking that does it. What you don’t see is the cats fighting in the box.)

Sometimes, I think we’re really not all that efficient, no matter how we’ve been conditioned. After all, real efficiency would be working 4 hours a day to feed, cloth and secure ourselves, and then spending the rest of the day laughing in the sun with the kids. Instead, we work 8, 9 or 10 hours a day, and then buy an iPhone.


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  1. 1. By Lee on 20th Nov ’07 at 22:31pm

    So true :( In my case it was a BlackBerry, but the point still stands.

    Today I've done nearly nothing because it’s so hard to figure out where to start on it all.

  2. 2. By Ty on 21st Nov ’07 at 07:23am

    It would be less work if you let some of the cats out of the box.

    Sometimes it’s hard to figure out where the cats are going to be.

    I get the point.

    Great food for thought.

    thanks jon.

  3. Jon 陳’s profile 3. By Jon 陳 on 21st Nov ’07 at 15:47pm

    Lee, I can empathise. An old colleague of mine used to have a phrase: “Chunk it down.” It always reminded me of eating a Yorkie, but she seemed to have a great ability to chunk everything down to the common denominator so we had a clear vision to measure starting points with. Doodling seems to help, too.

    Thanks Ty, a “Yorkie for thought”, perhaps? :)

  4. 4. By Chris Garrett on 23rd Nov ’07 at 03:12am

    I feel a little bad, I actually do work 5 hours a day most days :S

  5. Jon 陳’s profile 5. By Jon 陳 on 25th Nov ’07 at 13:24pm

    You feel bad Chris? C’mon now, are you sure you’re not showing off just a little?

  6. 6. By Shane on 8th Mar ’10 at 03:35am

    Great post, makes me feel better that not only I have days like these!


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