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Starting a Flickr Journey

New desk and machines.

There’s been a few changes recently. New desk, new site, new tools for the coalface, and a sudden urge to drag my late–adopter self into the world a little more.

So, today I posted my first ever picture to Flickr. I feel pleased. I got over–excited with notes which you’ll have to visit the site to see, part inspired by Terry Chay’s office picture. His notes were like the narrative in the margins, giving the photo some context. I love a good story. Notes made it so.

I've long admired Flickr, and used it as a lurker, even to the point of having an account (sans images.) Anyway, today the lovely new Apple cinema screen arrived with a man in brown. UPS have the best corporate palette of any couriers, and a courageous one at that. It’s not every company that has the vision to use brown and gold in their identity. It’s almost timeless. Long after the bubble–wrapped sheen of so–called Web 2.0 design has become as tired as Microsoft blue, UPS delivery dudes and dames will still look classic, and hopefully feel it too.

The arrival of the screen seemed like a good time to post a pic. Technically and artistically it has little merit, but as a snapshot into my life, hopefully it has more weight. Especially with the notes. I’ve been waiting for my desk to look like this for a year. Totally worth the wait, and it feels good to celebrate it with folks I know. Thanks Chris for greasing the wheels, I hope you like your handywork!

Feel free to add me, comment, deride or lurk as you see fit. Let’s see where this journey goes, it might even be surprisingly good fun. :)


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  1. 1. By bob jarborfski on 11th Oct ’07 at 10:07am

    good decision, flickr is great. neat desktop :)

  2. 2. By Lee on 11th Oct ’07 at 15:59pm

    My first flickr photo was one of my desktop too :D It’s changed a little since then though. It would be interesting to see flickr’s most popular first photos. Kind of like the dsc0001 search on

  3. 3. By terry chay on 11th Oct ’07 at 22:42pm

    I started using Flickr because I met Cal at a conference, which I allude to here

    Now take a photo of your bag and the stuff inside it and tag it whatsinmybag ;-)

  4. Jon 陳’s profile 4. By Jon 陳 on 12th Oct ’07 at 01:22am

    Thanks Bob. Not neat for long I’m thinking.

    Lee, I like the coffee nerdery. "Nutter Coffee" has a ring to it. ;)

    Terry, I have to take it one cliche at a time. :) Your PDF > Flickr automator made me think it would be a great way to share presentations if Flickr allowed proper ALT attribute text for the slide content. Perhaps duplicating it in the description would do. Could almost compete with S5. Have to check if PDFs can go full screen / projection.

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