This is the archive of version one, made in 2006, launched in 2007, and active until 2012. It’s archived to preserve the original design and its content that was referenced in multiple posts, books and galleries. There’s a holding page before the new site arrives.

All entries from June 2007


  1. First Glimpse into The Tangerine

    In the last few weeks I’ve sorely neglected the development of this site. Sorry site. In mitigation I should say I’ve moved house (on the hottest day of the year so far no less) and been laid low by a virus.

    Today I’m juggling a few proposals and jumping a train to London for a late meeting around a new social media site we’re developing. To be followed by a little supper, time allowing. I’d tell you more about it but I want it to be a surprise. Suffice to say, we’re excited, British humour is coming to a domain near you.

    My youngest son managed to front flip himself out of his cot last night like a scene from the imagined movie, “Escape from Cotatraz”. He achieved this feat of gymnastics even while encapsulated in a baby bag. Unfortunately, apart from a hug from his dad, a carpet burn on his forehead was his only reward. Cot adjustment was called for and completed with a 5mm allen key. “Man work” as my wife would say.

    Today is shaping up as a good day. Perhaps I’ll feel differently when I get back home at midnight but in the meantime all is good with the world. May the same be said for yours!